Proxyshare was a P2P (or “peer-to-peer”) network that was created for attaining high download speeds. The network achieves high download speed by uploading the shared files coming from the users’ computers into the proxy servers, which are servers that act as intermediaries for requests from clients who are looking for resources from other servers. The maximum download speed of Proxyshare can be obtained when the shared files are being cached.

Proxyshare was created by a company named Globalnet Incorporated. As per the company’s description, the P2P network was both adware and spyware free. In addition to this, Proxyshare had no nags, pop-ups, or banners, and continued to stay as such.

Through the years, Proxyshare had some versions. Even though the network was abandoned several times, it was subsequently resumed from time to time. The versions were made in the years 2003, 2004, and 2006.

  • ProxyShare 1 (Year of release: 2003)
    The first version of Proxyshare was released in the year 2003, and was discontinued soon afterwards.
  • ProxyShare 2 (Year of release: 2004)
    The main basis for the second version of Proxyshare was the experiences from the first version, but since only the old and useless code was developed, the second attempt had to be stopped.
  • ProxyShare 3 (Year of release: 2006)
    In April of 2006, the third version of Proxyshare was released. It was rewritten according to the developer’s designs. As the official website is no longer accessible since June 2nd, 2008, it could be assumed that ProxyShare 3 was adjusted.